Should You Buy or Lease Your Web Site

If your web site sucks and you are not getting any traffic from it, chances are that you paid a designer to put up a site for you and since then nothing much changed. Back in the day, you could get away with this and it would work, but these days, with the internet becoming more and more competitive for that business, you need to have fresh and up to date content as well as a good design and feel.

web site leasing the way forward?

Search Engines like Google are looking to Make Money

That is a simple fact. In order to do this, the more relevant the content that a reader finds after searching the more likely they are to be clicking on ads. There have been talks around the web master forums that organic search will begin to die out over time and that purely Ad search based traffic will be the winner.

I am not convinced that this will be the case. Google has many ways to monetise its content at this point and they are not going to put the reputation and future of their business solely on one business model.

Organic search works for them, it built their industry and has kept them at the front for many years now. I do not see them making some radical changes of that degree anytime soon. If anything, the organic search results help them to drive up the price of auction style bidding to be shown as an ad at the top of the page.

Time will tell, but with many mediums to attract visitors to a web site, such as Social Media and Video, search will still remain effective for the future in my book.

Search engines such as Google are there to Make Money...

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How is this linked to lease or buy web sites?

The typical process for web design goes along the lines of:-

  • You hire a contractor or designer to do a brief
  • From these briefs and quotations, you select and book your designer
  • Once the work is complete and handed off to you, the relationship ends.

There maybe a simple maintain policy in place to keep some things up to date within the mechanics of the site, and you may have an ongoing hosting agreement too. But the one area where your site now needs attention is the one area most business owners fail to engage.

As I already stated above, the search engines are looking for up to date and fresh content to share with their searchers. If you put up a site today, then let it stagnate for the next 12 months, you will soon find that your traffic will take a dive. If you have little content to begin with, its likely that you will never even see any traffic growth to begin with.

Developer and Social Media Expert Robert Ryan ran a very simple experiment to see what would happen if he stopped blogging (adding fresh content) to his site. The results speak for themselves with traffic to the contact page down 15% and organic plummeting a whopping 42%. You can read his findings on his web site

When your overall traffic drops by more than 30% and your site conversions for business drops close to 30%, that is going to hurt revenue.

reduced traffic equals reduced profits

When overall traffic drops more than 30% - that is going to hurt revenue.

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For this reason, S A Web Media took the decision at the end of 2015 to begin to implement a leasing service to its customers. This takes the shape of a standard lease type agreement. You pay us a monthly fee to use the web site for your business.

With this method, you get ongoing support, content management and updates to your business web site. This means you can have some peace of mind that your site will be secure, up to date and on point with your business niche.

We always encourage our clients to continue to add more content on their own too, simply because the more you can dedicate to this, the more likely you will be able to build an organic, social and paid reach to maximise your income potential.

Of course, if you are happy to get stuck in and do all the work for yourself, we have simple monthly packages that keep your site update and secure and offer reporting to point out areas where you may wish to invest some time. But should you find yourself stuck for spare time, but understand the need to keep things fresh, then we can help you to solve that problem.

From posting content to making videos. Writing Social Media Copy to post to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, we can assist you to get noticed and get more leads that convert in your business. By setting up a leasing option, you are committing to an ongoing growth strategy for your business on line. We have shown time and again with clients how fresh content is keeping them high up in the search engine results, not to mention the value of being seen in many places a typical customer will visit.

With the wonderful opportunity to re-target your audience through many sites and places on the web, plus the analytical data that is now available to track, follow and even see what your audience shows an interest in, you can place yourself in a much better position to win that client ahead of your competition.

Leasing the Right Option for You?

If you think that leasing is something that could greatly benefit your own business, then give us a call for a no obligation chat. 011 083 7170.

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