Email Domain Hosting for Better Business Branding

Why would you be branding other business and companies from South Africa or around the world when for a low monthly fee you can be branding your own?

We see this every day on the roads and highways around the Vaal Triangle here in SA. A nice bright double cab with a business magnet or signage on the side with no web site and an email address at Telkom, Google or some other company that has NOTHING to do with their business.

Poor Email Branding Impacts YOU

Promote Your Business and Brand - Not Someone Else'

Did you know that for less than the price of a couple of Draft Beers or a couple of cups of coffee at Mugg and Bean, you can have your own Email Based Business Web Site?

What is an Email Business Web Site?

Basically it means you can have email accounts in your own business name via the web. 

You can access your web based email account from any computer, smart phone or tablet with internet access. You can reply to emails on the go, see quote requests or messages on the move and all the time be branding your own business.

email hosting to brand your business

Affordable Branding Solutions for SME in South Africa!

Our monthly fee includes a great looking one page web site with your company logo, a background image of your choice and your contact details. Take a look at our sample page... (opens a new page for you)

We can include a Google Map, your physical address, a phone number and then your chosen email addresses in your company name.

We can even link to a Facebook Page if you wish 🙂

Don't be fooled by other offers around the web!

You may see images like this one.

Here you can see that you can get email hosting for just R49 per month.

The catch here is that you are LIMITED to just 3000MB of Data Storage & you pay over R195 more for your domain name!

That may sound a lot for someone who does not know how the web works, but take a look at a screen shot from one of our existing clients below.

client email account use

Here you can see that with a restricted account of 250mb per user, they have some coming pretty close to being full already.

The ad based image shows that you can have 250 Email Accounts for just the R49 per month. You can see from our current example of our own client, that there is no way 250 accounts would fit on that service!

The thing here is that there are 2 catches.

1) You pay extra for the Domain Name (your business web name) @R197 per year.

2) If you did use 250 Email accounts and they all used around 200mb of data like our current clients tend to average, then you would need 50,000mb of space, not the 3,000 on offer here!!!

How is SA Web Media Different?

We have starter plans for an affordable price per month which INCLUDE your Domain Name and our Business 1 Page Design.

You can see our sample page here: Email Hosting & Branding Sample 

For this low monthly fee you get up to 4 email accounts to use for your business brand and the design and web page shown above.

No extras, no catch, just great local service and cost effective business branding for you!

SA Web Media has truly affordable Email Branding and Hosting Packages, read this...

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Now when you are passing out business cards or driving down the highway, you can be promoting YOUR Business on your ads and not some other company!

Plus you have a business start up presence on the internet with your own web page. Later as you wish, you can expand your web content and request information about our full web hosting, design and management plans where we help you to grow your business through local web search and more.

Remember, we INCLUDE the cost of your Domain Name Registration, which other companies are charging an additional R190+ for per year.

Promote Your Brand with Email Hosting

You Decide

Couple of cups of Joe per month or branding for your business?

If you would like to learn more, order your business package or just have a questions, please click here to send us a message to get started from as little as R89 per month. Or you can telephone us Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm on 011 083 7170.

Your call will go through to someone near Vereeniging to assist you locally if you are in the Vaal Triangle. If you are elsewhere is South Africa, we can help you too!

Simply Call us 011 083 7170 for Business Email